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Meet our Lead Pastor


Tyler Whitcomb

Tyler was born and raised in Warren, MI. Raised in a Christian home, he grew up in the church, as well as a Christian School. He heard the Roman’s Road when he was nine years old and entered into a relationship with Jesus Christ. When he was 16 years old, he was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, which would greatly shape and direct the trajectory of where his life was heading. Upon graduating high school, he began pursuing a career in law enforcement. During that time, he started having health complications associated with his Crohn’s Disease and had to undergo emergency surgery in early 2014. In that time, God began to solidify a calling on his life for pastoral ministry.

God led him towards working at a Christian camp down in Cleveland, GA, where God would continue shaping him for a life of ministry. He began a Biblical Studies program with Detroit Bible Institute and later would transfer to Rochester University as a Christian Ministries major. In 2016, he began to serve at Woodside Bible Church (Troy, MI) in the young adult ministry called the Collective Ministries and became a part of the regular teaching rotation. In January of 2020, Tyler traveled to Chennai, India, to teach the Bible and began discerning if the Lord was leading him towards cross-cultural missions. Through the discerning, he saw the Lord guiding him towards other opportunities. Tyler accepted the call to be the lead pastor of what was formerly Parkside Community Church. He would begin to take the church through a “re-plant”, bringing together the community now known as PHOS CHURCH.

MY HOPE FOR PHOS CHURCH- Throughout the years of ministering to several young adults throughout the Metro Detroit area, my heart is burdened for this current generation to come and know and have life in Jesus Christ. My desire is to see PHOS CHURCH not hide their light under a bushel, but shine so bright before people, that people would see that light and be directed towards God.

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