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6th-12th Grade Students 

Illuminate is a place for students to come together and truly be themselves.

Here at Illuminate, we want you to feel loved, heard, and valued. Our mission is to come alongside parents to teach the next generation about the good news of Jesus Christ and inspire the students to take that light out into the world. We want our students to be leaders who love Jesus, love living out their faith, and love making disciples.


What to Expect

Come hang with us, play some awesome games, meet new people, make some friends, and join a Crew! 


Your Crew is your Fam. From house hangouts to Crew battles, they are always there for you when you need them most. 


Grow alongside your Crew as you learn more about Jesus through worship and study.


What we Value

Jesus is the center of everything we do. 


Grace changes everything. 

Christ-centered relationships

are essential to healthy growth. 


Everyone is welcomed, everyone is loved, and everyone is family. Your story matters


How Can I Join?

So, you want to get involved - awesome!


You or a parent can connect with one of our Illuminate leaders at church, or fill out this form!

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