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What Does Phōs Mean, Exactly?

What is “phōs”? To the Ancient Greeks, phōs was a pure, brilliant quality of light; it signified a break in the darkness, a triumph of truth and knowledge over ignorance, and an orientation towards something greater. Jesus commanded his people to be the phōs: the light in the world. "Phōs" is used over 800 times throughout the old and new testaments. This name carries meaning and significance that guides us in every decision we make, in the way we worship, and throughout our day to day activities as followers of Jesus Christ.  Phōs reminds us that our purpose is to illuminate the world through our actions and behaviors as we bring the word of God to our city, country, and world. The Bible is our foundation to shine His light, spread joy, and bring strength to those around us. If one thing is certain, it's that God brings light into our lives every day. So we welcome you to join us and be a part of a bright today and tomorrow at PHŌS Church!


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